World’s Largest Cardigan

World's Biggest Cardigan

The world’s biggest cardigan, shown in Trafalgar Square may soon be usurped by one that Jean Westbrook and her army of volunteer knitters are knitting in Macclesfield, in Cheshire England. If Jean has her way, the 55 year old creative arts student has her way, the sweater, made up of thousands of 12″ squares, will be recognized by Guinness World Records and unveiled Barnaby Festival June 18 – 20. But Jean has a tough record to beat,which is currently held by the Chinese, who knitted a sweater with a 28ft chest. And I thought my projects were ambitious!

Jean Westbrook

Jean Westbrook is hoping to capture a Guinness World Record

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4 Responses to World’s Largest Cardigan

  1. Robin DeMayoNo Gravatar says:

    That is sooo awesome!

  2. Thank you for another fantastic blog. Where else could I get this kind of info written in such an incite full way? I have been looking for such information.

  3. JaneNo Gravatar says:

    It’s be way cool if she was not from Cheshire but from Cardigan. :)

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